Sunset, Muir Beach


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  1. franko says:

    SO gorgeous.

    i hope it’s ok that i downloaded a copy to make into my new desktop. i want to look at it every day.

  2. xzzy says:

    Straighten that horizon!

  3. Thomas Hodgson says:

    Did you take this from Alan and Sala’s place?

  4. And here I am stuck in Sacoftomatoes. I miss the coast so much!

  5. brian schneider says:

    Did you forget how to focus?

    • bobarctor says:

      At F4, focus is probably not the issue. He should have stopped to f8 and bumped the ISO to 800. Usable ISO 800 is one of the reasons you drop $3k on a camera body.

  6. NateXT says:

    I hate to be “Emperor’s new clothes” but your photo is technically poorly composed. I understand that this is taken from your home, right? So take some more time when composing the image, and definitely get the tripod level! Many of us would love to have this view and the opportunity to photograph it many times a year.

    • TrevorSweet says:

       I think the other problem is that, other than the colourful sky, the landscape is pretty uninspiring. It needs some boats or a smoother/rougher sea or something to create interest.

      • Ivor Williams says:

        I think when you live somewhere as beautiful as that, who gives a hoot?

        I write this under perpetual cloud cover in Central London. *sigh*

  7. andre paris says:

    but would MUR lafferty go there?

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