TSA again weighs possibility of using commercial data to profile air travelers

The ACLU points to the TSA's recently-issued “Market Research Announcement,” "in which the agency expresses a desire to expand its Pre-Check whitelist program by allowing private companies to carry out risk analysis of Americans that would determine whether they are 'trusted' enough to participate in the trusted traveler program." If this comes to pass, it would represent a big step toward transforming the TSA's Pre-Check whitelist into the sort of passenger profiling system proposed under the Bush Administration post-9/11.


    1. Who’s to say they aren’t planning to use those databases?  And anything else they want.  The TSA has no bounds, unless the Legislature man’s up (as if).

  1. How will they determine which private companies will be “trusted” enough to handle the info/work?

    1. The ones with the lowest bids that also happen to have made large contributions to whomever is doing the determining.

  2. The NSA already knows everything about us so why not have them implement a green/yellow/red flag. TSA personnel drive to work so they’ll understand what that means, and we’ll just have to suffer like we always do because we’re the American public… I’m sorry you can’t go to Canada today because of what you said on Facebook.

  3. Is this a bad thing or a good thing? I mean, how could anything possibly get worse than having the TSA making decisions?

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