Woody Allen figurine from Bigshot Toyworks

I'm bananas for this Woody Allen figurine from Bigshot Toyworks. Klim Kozinevich says:

Here is a quick peek at something new. We were working with the amazing Stan Chow on this limited edition Woody Allen figure. Sculpted Digitally, printed on an Objet 3D printer, hand molded, cast, and painted. I think it turned out swell. If you are in Santa Monica check him out Gallery 1988

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  1. 3D printing is going to need a more high-falutin name if you want the art world to notice. Something frenchy but not too hard to pronounce. “arriver à sortir ” is “squeezed out” like toothpaste in French. Perhaps based on that. Can any french speakers figure this out?

    1. Impression 3D. Sounds like empressYON’ twa day to an English speaker. Or just Impression 3D sounds good to me.

      1. The ideas is to create the aura of important fine art without actually having it, ala Giclee or serigraph. Giclee is a word adopted from French by an American to make inkjet sound more fine art, Serigraph is a similar attempt to “validate” silk screen. The art world is full of this sort of pretentiousness. I was trying to do something like that, but, you know, sarcastically.

    2. “arriver à sortir” can be used in many ways. It’s succeed to get out…but depending on the context and/or the rest of the sentence, also squeeze out… but as for a better name for 3D printing, what about “Sculpture Digitale” (Digital Carving)?

    3. Perhaps ‘étagée’ (layered) ou ‘soutirée’ (squeezed/poured out)?

      It’s funny that French words make everything snobbier in English. I’ve been selling archival prints of my illustrations for years but only recently found out I had been doing ‘giclées’ all along. I now wear a monocle…

    4.  Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that the two selling points are “3D printed” and “Hand Molded”?
       Two opposing buzzwords, both writing checks they can’t quite cash.

      In most instances,3D prototypes still need so much manual post-print cleanup that it’d be more efficient to just sculpt the thing by hand allready.
       The problem isn’t that the art world doesn’t care enough. The problem is that technophiliacs on the web keep raising the expectations to delusional levels. Introducing even fancier buzzwords will hardly help with that problem.

      1. yeah and taking cheap shots at celebrities who are far too busy to ever give a shit about what you say. Priceless.

        1. Meanwhile, over in the UK, someone is also defending Jimmy Saville’s honor as well. 

          People might overlook but do not forget crappy human behavior. Celebrity is neither a defense nor a license, it is merely notoriety obtained for doing something well. Kudos to Woody Allen for producing good films and WTF kind of screwed up aging dirt ball can rationalize banging an adopted daughter, regardless of how hot she was at 17?

          1. you are really comparing Woody Allen to Jimmy Saville? Well, we can pretty much discount anything you say as inflammatory and useless.

          2.  You didn’t find it a bit creepy that his 42 year old character was dating a 17 year girl in “Manhattan”? He’s been quoted saying he prefers girls to women because they don’t argue with him (sic). I doubt he is anything like Jimmy Seville bit celebrity  protects said celebs.

          3. rattypilgrim, whether or not he’s played creepy characters really has nothing to do with the fact that people regularly accuse him of things he’s never done.

          4. As was said, she was never his daughter (he never even lived with her mother) and she was 21 when they started their relationship.

            And you’re actually comparing him to Jimmy Saville?

          5.  The man has a creepy side and I said I know first hand. I’m not just citing film characters he’s played. You don’t have to believe me. This is the internet after all.

          1. Oh, yes, I found it a bit creepy. Don’t really seek out his work anymore (not sure that is related.) But there isn’t any comparison to Saville, who “groomed a nation” for a generation. One really has to keep perspective. 

          2. I don’t doubt he has a “creepy side” (subjective as that may be).  But there is a difference between being attracted to very young women (and marrying one and staying married to her for 15 years), and pedophilia or “marrying your daughter,” things Allen is routinely and falsely accused of.

  2. I didn´t know how to feel about this figure but then I noticed the anguish of human existence in his eyes, and I said perfect, not only is he an inanimate object that bears physical resemblance to its inspiration but also must adhere to all the neurotic shortcomings.

  3. Man, I have to say that 3D printing definitely needs a new name. 3D print or rapid prototype sound lame and 3D output sounds like computer poop,
    Thanks mark for posting this, I just updated the images on our site. The sample is on display at the gallery this month and Stan should have a few for sale late february. We hope to make more things with Stan soon his work is spectacular http://www.stanleychowillustration.com

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