Quinn Norton on Aaron Swartz


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  1. euansmith says:

    I’d never heard of him before, but it sounds like he’s left a hole in the world. All the best to everyone who knew him. I hope your memories are good one.

  2. Andrew Singleton says:

    No words of mine either in affirmation of the man’s life or sadness at his death will change what has happened. I just hope those he’s left behind will be able to find peace. My grandad didn’t after my grandmother passed. Mourned her til he ended up going. I hope that doesn’t happen. It’s a sad thing.

  3. Dewgeist says:

    “There are no words to can contain love, to cloth it in words is to kill it, to mummify it and hope that somewhere in the heart of a reader, they have the strength and the magic to resurrect it.”

    If I can’t resurrect a sense of what that love meant to Quinn Norton; then the fault lies entirely with me.  Her words were perfect.

  4. corydodt says:

    Thanks. This made me cry.

    “His love for Ada filled the room like a mist.”

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