Portrait made from typewriter parts


9 Responses to “Portrait made from typewriter parts”

  1. silkox says:

    I’m not usually a fan of typewriter-part sculpture, but this is a sweet, touching project.

  2. Beyond awesome, great memorial.

  3. Jangocat says:

    He destroyed two antique Underwood typewriters for this? Ouch. My grandfather was a typewriter mechanic from the 30′s-70′s, no way I would ever destroy his old typewriters.

  4. schlocktober says:

    RayBans are not a typewriter part.

  5. wow – gorgeous and brilliant. it will wind up in a museum, someday, thereby granting a kind of immortality to Marvyn Pelzner

  6. Nagurski says:

    I was impressed until I read “no solder, no glue, no welding, no armature.” Now I’m in somewhat stunned admiration.

  7. chris jimson says:

    Well, this is much better than my typewriter-made-from-human-parts, which not only can’t type for shit, but is beginning to attract flies.

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