Dollhouse in a guitar body


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  1. Rickenbacker4001 says:

    That’s pretty cool..

  2. Listener43 says:

    Won’t someone think of the luthiers!?!?

  3. aperturehead says:

    This would be the perfect guitar with which to play the old AQUA hit song “BARBIE GIRL”

  4. Bashtarle says:

    Not familiar with electric acoustics as far as how much room inside the case the electronics and pickups require….. but that would be that much cooler if it was a functioning electric acoustic and dollhouse.

    Also just saying the fact that the guitar has a tiny dollhouse guitar in it is entertainingly meta :D

  5. starfish and coffee says:

    The small black guitar on the lower floor needs a dollhouse in it.

    • Randy Walters says:

      And another guitar inside that…

      From there, it’s dollhouses and guitars all the way down.

      At that rate, how many iterations would it take before you’re at the sub-atomic particle level?

    • noah django says:

      “… maple syrup and jam”.  annnnnd now I’m cueing up Prince on my iTunes.


      this dollhouse is fucking cool.  anyone know who the group of people in the poster above the mini-guitar is? 

  6. beepbeep says:

    Pretty nifty looking, but nonetheless I can only hope that the guitar was totally non-functional before it got its ‘makeover’.

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