Gravity Falls browser game


This morning, my son and I watched the "Fight Fighters" episode of Gravity Falls for what seems like the fifth time. Turns out, you can now tackle that dastardly Rumble McSkirmich yourself in Disney's new browser game Rumble's Revenge. Keep your eyes out for hidden messages! Rumble's Revenge


  1. OMG I love this game soooooo much!!!

    I lost the boss fight against the manotaur, though! Silly Dvorak keyboard layout making the attack and jump buttons far away…

  2. “This morning, my son and I watched the ‘Fight Fighters’ episode of Gravity Falls for what seems like the fifth time. ”

    Blame Disney. They haven’t aired a new episode of Gravity Falls since October, and it looks as if we may not get a new episode until February or March.

    1.  Why in the world would a network postpone new episodes of a show?  Besides losing viewers, wouldn’t this cause the loss of creative talent that made the first episodes? Some may be Disney employees who can move to other projects, but I imagine many are contract talent who have bills to pay just like the rest of us, and can’t afford a long unpaid hiatus.

      How is any of this good for the show?

      1. The order has already been made for a full season, and I think they’re working on the second season right now as it is. So the jobs are safe.

        It’s just a matter of scheduling. For some reason or other, Disney just hasn’t scheduled any new episodes since “Summerween”. Every other show on Disney Channel but Gravity Falls has had new episodes aired. Hell, this month is supposed to be all about new episodes of shows airing; they call it “JaNEWary”. And yet, Gravity Falls is absent. New episodes are ready, but they’re holding them back.

        1. Why hold back the new episodes and risk losing your early fans and the other fans they’ll bring in? That seems counter-intuitive, especially when you do the opposite with all your other shows.

          Are you sure about the staff and the completed status of the unseen shows?

          1. My guess is that Disney already knows that “Gravity Falls” is a smash hit, especially if they went to the SDCC Disney Channel panel with Fish Hooks, Gravity Falls, and Wander Over Yonder; a good 98% of the questions were for Alex Hirsch. I can’t speak for them, but I’m guessing that their mindset is that there is an established fanbase that will watch the new episodes no matter when they air. But your guess is as good as mine.

            And I’m going to assume that they’re done if they’re already working on the second season right now. There’s also a short description of upcoming episodes on iTunes, and even the game above drops hints regarding possible future developments in the series.
            All I do know for a fact is that the next new episode is entitled “Boss Mabel”.

          2. There’s done, and there’s done. From what I understand, the first thing done on any episode is the outline, which is a short description of the plot. Then it becomes a full-blown script, or that’s worked out in the storyboards. Then they record the voices, then the animation process, then polishing the audio and visuals, then it’s really done. It’s a long way from the initial outline to an episode in the can. Meanwhile, if the writers are done, it can be a long time for the rest of the process to complete before it’s time for the writers to start up the next season. That’s where a lot of shows with normal schedules lose staff. With this schedule it sounds even more risky.

            Of course this is all speculation, so maybe all is well, but the history of scheduling anomalies in television generally hurt more than help.

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