New MC Frontalot song and video: Nerd Life

MC Frontalot sez, "I have made a new song, and a video to go with it. This happened at the offices of New Relic in San Francisco. They were pretty nice about my ruining their afternoon, except for a moment when I was talking smack about those flat/small/fashionable Mac keyboards and I think I heard nearby developers scoff at me pretty loudly. Nerdlife!"

MC Frontalot - NERD LIFE [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (Thanks, Frontalot!)


  1. Cool video, catchy song, lyrics… ehhh. I was hoping for a bit more meat. Can’t wait for Front’s next album. Solved and Zero Day were both great albums, almost made me forget about the disc-o-fail that was Final Boss. (My opinions are my own YMMV)

  2. flat/small/fashionable

    flat/small/fashionable/practical/ergonomic (if, you know, you actually ever use one longer than 10 secs)

    1. I think that depends on the shape of your hands, I find them bloody excruciating after half an hour or so.
      Each to their own.  I prefer a bog standard dell cheapy myself, lots of key travel.

      1.  I find it restrictive to use even a laptop with a full size keyboard, perhaps because I learned to type on a typewriter with a flip-book typing tutor, or because I have large hands. I Really prefer a split ergonomic keyboard!

  3. Big time fan for ages.  This one didn’t get me excited.  However I do like the line “I am lead dev on rockin’ the mic.”

  4. I wish I liked Frontalot.  I just can’t get into his flow, despite the fact that I get and am into what he raps about.  Seems a little to sterile for me.  Maybe that is nerd life and I’m not getting it.

    1. Um this was supposed to be a reply to  Grahamers2002 comment. Not sure why it didn’t do that. :-)

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