Snake actually on a plane

Reuters: "The three meter-long (9.1 foot) non-poisonous Amethystine python appeared about an hour into the Qantas flight between Cairns in northern Queensland and the Papua New Guinean capital of Port Moresby on Thursday."


  1. Snake on a plane, but fortunately not in a plane.

    I wonder how they translated 3 meters to 9.1 feet. 3.0 meters is 9.8 feet. Or did they measure the snake? 

      1. Actually, it is a little-known fact that the meter is based on the circumference of the Earth, which is different at different latitudes.  Australian meters are a little smaller than equatorial meters.  In fact, at the poles, the meter shrinks to zero size, which makes motion impossible, and this is why the poles are fixed while the rest of the Earth rotates.

          1. We Australians never joke, we’re Always deadly serious! In fact, we don’t even have a stand-up comedy industry

  2. Is this a really old article or is this really the second airborne snake attack I’ve personally heard about??

  3. I’m waiting for the headline that reads “Laconic Vest-Clad Detective Actually in Hostage Skyscraper……. Leader of Terrorist Gang Believed to be member of Royal Shakespeare Company”.

    1. It’s about a surfer/dirtbike racer who witnesses a brutal murder and is escorted to Los Angeles to give his testimony by two FBI agents. Might also be some other stuff going on too.

      1. Thanks Jake – maybe I can see it as a double with that great “gold-heist-gone-wrong” movie of redemption and revenge, “Cowboys and Aliens”.

  4. Animal invasions are a big deal in this part of the world so the airline would have made sure that the snake died, regardless. A good example is feral foxes in Tasmania. These animals are a pest all over the mainland  and recently there have been sightings around Devonport where there is a ferry terminal. Did one animal get across? Or a pregnant female?

      1. You mean not kill the snake? It would be a matter for PNG authorities and they are not known for sentimentality. I suppose they might ship it back but a lot of illegally imported animals are euthanased.

        1.  I saw the video of the snake on the outside of the plane. Let’s just say it flailed violently in the wind, blood was spattered on the aircraft, and it was limp when the plane landed. No snake survival.

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