Which silly John Scalzi face should I model in the 3D scanner?


10 Responses to “Which silly John Scalzi face should I model in the 3D scanner?”

  1. Hans von Tagg says:

    Without doubt, the Full Nicholson.  You’ll want to put on some shades, though.

  2. John Scalzi says:

    I’ll note here that the official poll is over at Whatever (follow the link at the bottom of the pictures). If you list your preference here in the comments it might not be counted. So follow that link!

    Update: there’s a small flub at the end of that link, so until it’s fixed, here’s the link:


  3. Delaney Davis says:

    Snide fish! Snide fish! Snide fish!

  4. Ed Beaty says:

    That face you’re doin’ right there…it’s more of a MOOKIE!


  5. danegeld says:

    Angry Grandpa ++

  6. Charlie B says:

    Wait, how do I get Scalzi to do the Gookie?


  7. pjcamp says:

    I dunno. Put them all together and they kinda look like a flip book of a fart.

  8. cub says:

    snide fish!  doubles for practice-kissing.

  9. BillStewart2012 says:

    I like the face that John did in his pose-off against Jim Hines for the Aicardi Syndrome Fundraiser – blonde wig and all!

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