A very special Onion advertorial, inspired by the Atlantic's Scientology kerfuffle

"SPONSORED: The Taliban Is A Vibrant And Thriving Political Movement." An Advertorial at The Onion.


  1. Apparently there is plenty of room for promotion with exciting management positions opening up all the time.

  2. Best part, as usual with the Onion, is the last line:  “For more information on the Taliban, visit the movement’s website at www.taliban.com or contact publicist Rachel Eberstein at reberstein@appc-ny.com

  3. I liked Comedy Central’s Indecision blog’s advitorial for Presbyterianism. “Look at these fucking bagpipes.”

  4. Is there a satire exception to the “material support to terrorism” laws?

    Because otherwise, some Federal prison’s newspaper is going to get a LOT funnier for the next 75 years to life.

    [America: “Out-Onioning the Onion since 2001”]

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