A very special Onion advertorial, inspired by the Atlantic's Scientology kerfuffle


7 Responses to “A very special Onion advertorial, inspired by the Atlantic's Scientology kerfuffle”

  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Wow, the Taliban has way better looking members than the Church of Scientology.

  2. s2redux says:

    Next on the To-Do list: G.O.P.

  3. Jonathan Roberts says:

    Apparently there is plenty of room for promotion with exciting management positions opening up all the time.

  4. Grahamers2002 says:

    Best part, as usual with the Onion, is the last line:  “For more information on the Taliban, visit the movement’s website at www.taliban.com or contact publicist Rachel Eberstein at reberstein@appc-ny.com

  5. Michael Belcher says:

    I liked Comedy Central’s Indecision blog’s advitorial for Presbyterianism. “Look at these fucking bagpipes.”

  6. Work_Watch_Buy_Repeat says:

    Is there a satire exception to the “material support to terrorism” laws?

    Because otherwise, some Federal prison’s newspaper is going to get a LOT funnier for the next 75 years to life.

    [America: "Out-Onioning the Onion since 2001"]

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