Dr. Who perpetual calendar and star chart


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  1. Cole Wardell says:

    From what I can tell, it’s impossible to find the day of an event in January or February in 2012.  Wonder what happened there…

    • Christopher says:

      A massive rift was created in time and space when the Cybermen intruded on our universe and the Daleks opened the Genesis Device. Or that might have been the day everybody on Earth except one person suddenly changed into John Simm.

  2. Angela Meyerhoff says:

    Am I just doing it wrong, or is it saying that today (1/15/2013) is a Sunday? I’m getting the letter A for the year and the letter H for the date.

    And how do you “Match the quadrant” for the last two year digits on a year like 2001, since “01″ appears to straddle two letter quadrants?

    It’s a cool idea, and I’d consider buying it for a friend’s birthday, but if it doesn’t work…

    • annoyingmouse says:

      I made this mistake at first too.  The first letter should actually be C.  The match the quadrant part is the quadrant you find the first number in – i.e. top left for 20xx then C for 12 and H for 15.

  3. The main issue with this is that the poster won’t look right hung with 4 o’clock on the top.

  4. Tynam says:

    Honestly, a calendar that only goes up to 9999AD isn’t a lot of use to a Time Lord.

  5. How can a calendar be ‘perpetual’ and yet operates within certain time period?  Usefulness to the Time Lord is indeed limited.

  6. Melissa Dow says:

    I just imagine some future civilization discovering this calendar and publishing articles claiming “Gallifreyans believed that the world would end on December 31, 9999.” The Gallifreyan Apocalypse!!! 

  7. singingrasin says:

    I’m a bit confused on the last instruction: how do you match the letters in the center wheel? Can someone help?

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