Live action Toy Story

Jonason and Jesse—two incredibly dedicated and talented maniacs—have created a shot-for-shot live action recreation of Toy Story. They've kept the toys' voices and some of the soundtrack, but Andy and the family are played by real people and all the sets and toys are real. Wowowow!

The creators' updates and notes on their Facebook page go back nearly two years, and it's pretty fun to watch the sequences in the movie improve as they get better at filming them (they're meticulous, and they've posted their outtakes, which are hilarious). They made this on a tight budget, borrowing lots of props, getting help from friends over summer vacation, and finding a dog on Craigslist to play Sid's dog. The remakers posted several videos trying to reach out to Pixar employees, and even traveled to Pixar's studios and handed out DVD copies trying to get attention to find out who can give them permission to share this before posting the full video on YouTube. Let's hope they get an official blessing for this!

via ABC News, which has a great interview with the creators.


  1. Now, if only the film makers would do a live action version of “GIGLI” – that would be something.

    It would be great to actually see Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez come to life!

  2. I spotted this on the Boing Boing google+ community the other day (which, btw, is awesome)

    Only watched snippets so far, but gonna give it the litmus test this weekend, and watch it with my toy story loving nephew and see what he thinks.

  3. This is an amazing tribute, a brilliant project, and an act of bedroom awesomeness that I think we can all aspire to. Surely it can only be a matter of time until Disney takes a dump all over it.

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