Talk "Ghosts With Shit Jobs" in your living room by vidphone


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  1. unit1421 says:

    The Chinese have enough self respect not to indulge in the craven white trash hucksterism that drives the Tea Party mindset, they’d rather slit their own throats than sell love seats out of a van. 

    • JohnQPublic says:

      Just because the Chinese do not have a Tea Party problem does not mean that they do not have giant problems of their own.  Pollution, class/wealth disparity, labor laws, are just a small sample of what they’re facing.  It also follows that their economy has bankrolled a great deal of our spending and debt – so if we go down, they are going to be holding quite a financial bag. 
      It can be said that the US has a cushion to fall back on in the form of a diverse set of natural resources – from minerals, sources of energy, arable land, and water ways.  If things get really bad, the rest of the world will suffer more first.

  2. Preston Sturges says:

     It’s funny how Toronto is always recognizably Toronto, like Pittsburgh is always Pittsburgh.

    • Jonathan Roberts says:

      Toronto is sometimes Chicago or New York though, or even London.

  3. dknewell says:

    I have no idea what point this is struggling to make

  4. Freyburg says:

    I interviewed Jim Munroe, the writer and co-director of Ghosts With Shit Jobs, when he swung through Vancouver to show the film a couple of weeks ago. Here’s the interview if you’re so inclined:

  5. This is absolutely worth renting; in fact, I’m planning on nominating it for the Hugo.

  6. I was a Backer for their Kickstarter and got Ghosts With Shit Jobs on DVD about the time it was hitting the movie festival circuit.  I really enjoyed it!  I like the pseudo-documentary feel to it and the still novel science-fiction twist that the USA might not be the biggest deal in the future.
    Definitely worth renting if you haven’t seen it yet!  It’s really well done, especially considering what a shoe-string budget it was filmed on!

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