Welcome to Portlandia, John McAfee


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  1. Jake0748 says:

    So… Belize – Hezbollah, huh?  Is there any way that could be relevant, interesting, or even true? 

    Edit: Not snarking, just asking.

  2. I have never been to Portland. I almost got a work experience job there once so I often wonder what might have been. But I get the impression the place is a little bit weird. Is it about to get a little bit more weird?

  3. meathamper says:

    They always said the dream of the 90s was alive in Portland, and there’s nothing more 90s than that hair.

  4. Halloween_Jack says:

    So, basically, he’s well within his Charlie Sheen phase.

  5. Todd Mecklem says:

    I’m happy that John McAfee was available on such short notice. Once Daniel Baldwin left, Portland was one odd minor celebrity short.

  6. geeks says:

    I’m not saying McAfee is sane, but there is some evidence that Hezbollah operates in Belize, and a shit-ton (technical term) that they operate in many areas of South America, which is also a fund-raising hub. (Not to imply that Belize is part of South America).

    • UnderachievingSheep says:

      Many South American journalist claim that the Hezbollah “threat” is kinda inflated by the US government to justify interventions and operations in the area, mostly in the region known as the “Triple Frontera”/ Tri Border, between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. It used to be a semi regular media topic pointing out that now that the 70′s to 90′s dictatorships are over, during which the US could basically roam the region freely, the local governments are no longer amicable to the idea of CIA or US military being around so, they had to more or less come up with a credible reason to be around. The bombings of the Israel Embassy and the Jewish Charity in Buenos Aires in the 90s gave the US all the context they needed to run with the Hezbollah is in South America! claim.

      Not that they couldn’t be, but probably not at the level of threat the US government makes it appear.

      ETA: Here’s a good (and long) article on the role of the US as the factotum behind the “Hezbollah is in South America!” panic.


      (Link to PDF). It’s not that I blindly believe the assertions made in this article, it’s that they align with the investigative journalists whose work I respected immensely, who were saying similar stuff while I was still living down there in the 90s.

  7. tristis says:

    As fascinating as all of these stories are, does anybody else wonder if a few weeks or months from now, we’re going to be having the “Was the media compliant in pushing John McAfee over the edge?” conversation after something terrible happens to him as a result of his seeming psychosis?

    • millie fink says:


    • Jeb Adams says:

      This is along the lines of what I was thinking when I read this. We are laughing at what looks for all the world like a schizophrenic break. He’s an incredibly wealthy and well-armed man, who has legitimate persecution to be concerned about. My concerns are for those that are close when he goes all the way into his fantasy. This is not going to turn out well. 

  8. JC says:

    Living the dream! Jokes aside, either we’ll never hear anything about him again, or he’ll pass away from an unfortunate ‘accident’ (drugs would probably be the most believable in this case).

  9. ChristineC says:

    Just to add to his excellent personal profile, this is a quote from the Oregonian on Sunday, addressing his cohabitation with many, many ladies:

    “He said he lived with seven to eight women in his home in Belize.

    ‘Living with one woman is horrific,’ he said. ‘Living with two is nightmarish, but you get past five and suddenly they’re entertaining themselves, really.’”

  10. monmatmildew says:

    Please don’t call my home “Portlandia.”

  11. limeychiney says:

    Apparently we’re the most promiscuous city in the US (according to OK Cupid). http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/08/19/oversexed-oregon-top-10-most-promiscuous-u-s-cities/

  12. Marios P. says:

    please stop the Mcafee craze. 

  13. Marko Raos says:

    Am i the only one who doesn’t find him particularly crazy in that interview? But on the other hand… If he’s doing all this to hock a book, I’m getting seriously inclined to buy it!

  14. Can we stop giving him attention? I know it’s hard to look away from a train wreck, but lets try, ok?

  15. Jim says:

    Paranoid?  Like to fondle long shot guns? Where will you feel more at home than the USA?

  16. Awesomer says:

    “My life is sort of weird.” Yeah, sort of, I guess. From a certain perspective, maybe.

  17. Andrew Eisenberg says:

    Wow…this is getting good.  Downward spiral and hit rock bottom.  Is he back on the rise again?

    • C W says:

      Well, it’s not hard to rise when you’re on the run from a murder. He’s not a well man and with all the enablers around him, he’ll be back to drug and other crimes in very little time.

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