$400,000 in diamonds stolen

They're still figuring out whether it was a well-planed heist or simply an everyday burglar's lucky day.


  1. If life was like a tv cop show, I would look very closely at that diamond courier to see if he has any outstanding gambling debts. Also, his wife, though kidnapped by the mobsters to make sure he goes through with the scam … She’s actually in on the whole thing.

    You are welcome.

  2. Or perhaps there was not a thief, since they can’t figure out how the supposed thief got into the car? Three blank checks in the floorboard just sounds strange. I am not saying for sure there’s no way it was a theft, but no the first thought that sprung to my mind is all.

    “Uh, yes, officer, now that I think about it, my trunk was also full of gold bullion that must have been stolen too!”

    1. It’s a classic insurance scam.  I lent a car to an EX-friend, who parked it in a restaurant parking lot, reported it stolen, claimed that it had a new laptop (for which he had paid cash), etc. in it.  And then he miraculously found it the next day, stripped of its contents.

  3. Did anyone check his phone to see who he called first:  the cops or his insurance agency? 

    And Rob?  “planned”.

  4. Most car break-ins are crimes of opportunity. If someone’s impulsive enough to swipe something from a car, will they have the self-discipline to keep their mouth shut & maintain a low profile if they pick up nearly half a million in diamonds..?

  5. Most people just leave a coffee cup on top of the car, and Mitt Romney left diamonds…  no story here…

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