Groucho's daughter sings!


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  1. grimc says:

    Evidently, to get to the East Side of Town you first have to go through Downtown.

    • madopal says:

      Yeah, I was going to say, this sounds like something T-Mobile would use in a commercial instead of paying royalties.

    • dpamac says:

      It’s an obvious response to the song. But, wow, they really honed close to what they were trying to clone. Not just in tone but content and that horn line.Tony Hatch could have claimed royalties for that.

    • And, as if to show they deny any connection to the song “Downtown,” they point upwards every time they sing “East side of town.”

  2. euansmith says:

    Nice singing voice.

  3. relawson says:

    I skipped through the video and they were doing the same things every time!

  4. The east side of town where everyone is gay.

    Very ahead of its time.

  5. All due respect to Groucho, that was really bad. 

  6. dgeos says:

    If “My Sweet Lord” was plagiarism, then someone should call Petula’s lawyers.

  7. Carpeteria says:

    Damn rock and roll music. Devil spawn!

  8. noah django says:

     Melinda’s mama must’ve been beautiful, ’cause she sure don’t favor her daddy.

  9. Eric Wagner says:

    Makes Rebecca Black look like a polished pro.

  10. gorfulator says:

    Was that the watusi or the swim?

    • 3ringquercus says:

      The Pony mostly, though I might be mistaken…a little before my dancing days.

      Apparently on the East Side of Town they’re big into RUFFLES!!

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