JOHN WILCOCK: The History of ECHO, "The Magazine You Play on Your Phonograph" (1958)

The story behind Larry Adler, Flexidisks and Echo, "the magazine you play on your phonograph."

By Persoff and Marshall


Supplemental material:

1) WEIRD VIBRATIONS on Roentgenizdat Flexidiscs: "Sentimental Songs on X-Ray"

2) WFMU has written about ECHO twice: First in their Internet Museum of Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity Records, and then as a featured item in their 365 Days project.

3) OPEN CULTURE on "Dalilinguistics", Salvador Dalí's appearance in ECHO (with mp3 audio from Ubuweb)

4) Larry Adler performing St. Louis Blues: Audio and Video

Published 8:45 am Thu, Jan 17, 2013

About the Author


Ethan Persoff (Twitter) is a cartoonist, based in Austin TX. His other comic project is Radio Wire.

Scott Marshall (Facebook) is an illustrator, sound artist, and art director, based in New York City. Previous projects include audio work for Woody Allen (Small Time Crooks), and two scores for full-length dance pieces by choreographer Lar Lubovitch (Men's Stories, The Black Rose).

5 Responses to “JOHN WILCOCK: The History of ECHO, "The Magazine You Play on Your Phonograph" (1958)”

  1. Roose_Bolton says:

    I’m really digging this new feature!

  2. mindysan33 says:

    I agree…. these things are fantastic. I especially love the artwork. [EDIT] Also, the panel with Barrie Beere looks like John Astin… I love John Astin.

  3. GeorgeMokray says:

    I remember Echo and listening to Fred Astaire’s tapping.  My family had a copy.  Alcheringa magazine a decade and a half or more later did a flexidisc with aboriginal poetry.  Used to have a copy of that too.  

  4. RElgin says:

    Larry Alder was a hellified, great musician too.  That guy could play!

  5. felsby says:

    now go and buy “The Glory of Gershwin” with Larry Adler and a lot of other big shots!

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