Pogo insanity in New York City

NewImageGlen Wexler's photo of us for Fast Company a couple years ago (right) perhaps led you to believe that we Boing Boingers are masters of the pogo stick. That is true, but sadly we are no match for the Xpogo team seen above in New York City.


11 Responses to “Pogo insanity in New York City”

  1. zoink says:

    Jake’s brain cells might benefit from learning how to buckle his helmet’s chin strap.

  2. KBert says:

    Die Ninja!

  3. eviladrian says:

    Goofy tried to tell us about the pogo stick future, but the car is still king: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXguGoJTK4o

  4. David Murphy says:

    This is like an ad for health insurance. 

  5. How is this both the dumbest and coolest thing at the same time?

  6. gjbloom says:

    You young kids with your little spring-powered hippity-hop toys.  Why, back in my day, we had these: http://www.bpmlegal.com/wpogo.html  Now that was some extreme pogo.

  7. fidel_funk says:

    Whoaaaa… we need a couple of those in this family, anyone knows where to buy those great things?

  8. 2nihon says:

    Isn’t that a federal building in the background? Surprised they were able to film there.

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