Secret messages in games

The Cutting Room Floor collects hidden messages in videogames, but it's Cabel Sasser who most eloquently recalls them. Here's some developer trash-talk, from the Amiga age's pirate-infested waters:

I’ll warn you now that this game has a LOT of protection, so it will be a few late nights for you lot. It’s a mugs game anyway, you should be writing games and making loads of money like me (you too could afford a 16V Astra GTE). [...] In the meantime I’ll be thinking of you when I’m in Florida, spending some of my dosh.

Message in a Binary Bottle []


  1. I once went through “Uncharted Waters” looking at the art– apparently, there was an additional figurehead, and a couple of other goodies that never were integrated into the gameplay.

  2. A colleague of mine and I had a little running battle for a short while in the games we released. He hid a little drawing of me in an unused section of a texture, accusing me of having (as far as I remember) an ‘Amish Beard’. I hid some strings in the executable of my game saying some rather rude things about him. Both were found at various points by players of the respective games.

    I found the a forum thread where someone found the message about me, but unfortunately the link to the picture doesn’t work any more:

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