Woman smothered boyfriend to death with "large breasts," say police

This news item is a few days old, but I'm just learning of it. A 50-year-old woman in Washington state is charged with manslaughter, for having reportedly smothered her boyfriend to death by lying on his face. In other words, she cut off his air supply with her breasts, which were said to be rather large. Police said a man and three women were also in the mobile home when it happened, and that "all were heavily intoxicated."


    1. It’s already been done.  (Not by Meyer.) (BTW, he’s dead, Chris.)

      Deadly Weapons

      /I can’t believe I’m the first to post this.

      //Actually saw it in the theatres when it came out.

      1. I know it is the wet dream of many a man, but every time I see a woman with breasts as large as Chesty’s, I think she must have had so many problems to go with those enormous knockers, beginning with screaming back and shoulder pain.

        1. She did a live stage show after the film came out in which she entered the theater with two dwarfs carrying her breasts ahead of her.

    1. The only defense from a bad gal with giant breasts is a good guy with giant breasts.  Or something….., right?

    1. I’d rather be shot in the torso than smothered.  I’d probably go into shock after a second or two, then pass out, whereas smothering is just terrifying, with the airhunger and the struggling for breath.

      1.  Really?  You wouldn’t actually like to die by smothering?  Because I would.  I literally meant that I want to suffocate to death.  Because I’m a moron, you see.

  1. Surely someone’s gonna come along and tsk-tsk us to death for pointing and laffing at this poor fellow’s demise.  I mean, the dude’s life has ended, game over, and he probably was neither prepared nor willing to die, even in such an unusually warm and pillowy fashion.  As we learned last week, with or without the employment of deadly dreadlocks, domestic violence is never fu…

    Aw, hell, guys… I tried to keep a straight face.  I really did.

    Oh, and since nobody else has gotten around to it yet: Trailer Park!

    1. I know. Outrageous ‘news of the weird’ type stories should be free game without having to write a long disclaimer about “how you are making light, but fully understand that violence etc. etc..”  Especially ones that are begging for bad puns!

  2. Thank you you wonderful reporter you. Cynicism is all gone, even a zealbound DA N/A (per neighbor testimony to previous git-off-me TMI.) Also a case of hair pull FAIL; if he had pulled his own…

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