"Segundo," a photograph shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool by Bill Benson.


  1. My Caturday went off the rails this week. My Manx, Companion of 13 years passed away in my arms this morning 9AM EST. Her name was Prissy, and she was my best friend. She talked vocally to me all the time, and slept on my pillow next to my head, almost her entire life. My wife called Prissy my “Cat Wife.” I am an old fart, and today I bawled like a baby that had become abandoned. My Heart and Soul is adrift tonight, I am un-moored. Love them as often as you can and treat each day like it was their last day on Earth.

    1. I feel for your loss. I lost so many of my four paws companions over the years. It is a real pain to know each of these little wonders won’t leave very long. I’m with you on this loss and can assure you that there’s no shame crying about it ; most of us cat lovers do.

  2. I think you just broke my heart.

    I used to call my husband’s cat “his girlfriend.”  I would come home from work and he would be in the backyard, and I would ask where his girlfriend was.  He would get really upset becasue the thought the neighbors might hear.  I actually think they are a love through the ages.  They just happened  to be different species this time.  It has been over 10 years since he lost her.  Her picture is still on his dresser.

    So you go ahead and cry like a baby.

    And yes, i will go love mine.

    1. I once had a stray cat for about two months. He came to my house and just stayed there as if he belonged. Then suddenly, on a normal evening, he went away and never came back. I’m certain something bad happened to him as he never would have left. We just spent two month together but being accustomed with cats for years, I never saw and felt one of them looking at me with something more than affection but this peculiar cat (I named him Caruso, as he used to incessantly express himself vocally) had more than that, he had love in his eyes. He used to hug me by putting his paws around my neck and his head under my chin, humming softly. Never felt anything like that with an animal and this loss has been terrible for me despite how little long we’ve been together. Since then I’m absolutely convinced some animals can express and feel more than what we are admitting they usually can.

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