Shooped (?) (but awesome) watch gizzard

Unknown source, unknown provenance, and it's gotta be a shoop, but what a goddamned thing this would be, were it real.

How french watch works (Thanks, Ben!)


  1. No winding required.  It’s powered by the entrapped soul of a college student who disappeared while cycling through Europe not long ago.  It happened in the woods near that creepy watch maker’s house.

  2. I can’t fathom why are people so many people willing to pay top dollar for a RubeGoldberg contraption, that can easily be replicated by an RC oscilator and four counters. 

    1. Yeah, seriously. And for that matter, why would anyone pay good money for a piece of canvas smeared with pigment, when a picture from a smartphone has much more resolution, detail, and realism?

  3. there are at least two more of these… but I have no idea who made them, they are from as far back as 2009 tho.

  4. Pretty sure they where made by a studio called Seagullsfly from Rio, so it might be by Fabiano Feijó…

    1. Personally, I’m disconcerted by a lack of spoons. If I need that many knives, there had damned well better be some soup coming.

  5. Judging by the wallpaper-sized images, it looks more like a large-scale model rather than anything watch-sized:×2880.jpg

  6. I dislike stuff like this. They could have easily consulted a watchmaker or even an watch fan to make it look like a functional watch.

  7. I agree with Copperwatt, Sam and Rich.

    Yes….too many knives, no spoons, and it’s all on the WRONG SIDE of the plate.

    My guess?  Rendered by a youngster whose culinary experience is limited to drive up window meals :)

    That aside, the image is decently rendered.

  8. When I was a pro modelmaker in the mid 80’s this was the kind of thing that was frequently made by hand in giant scale for advertising photography.  Rather than someone at a cheap workstation PC noodling a 3d model, picture a roomful of people cutting and sanding by hand (it was even pre-lasercutting) to make this, say 18 inches in diameter.  And folks wonder where all the jobs went…

  9. pedantic comment to follow:

    Photoshopping is normally understood to mean digitally compositing more than one image.  This is pure digital illustration.

    PS I too like the term “watch gizzard” but the word “shooping” makes me want to spit.

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