Dozens of clever tricks and DIY science projects

Learn to break an apple apart with your bare hands. Make a marshmallow gun. Breathe fire. The Cobbler is your video guide to hands-on, science-based projects that filled with fun.


  1. People have to be taught to break apples?  I’m surprised, but glad to know the resource is available I guess.

    Breaking pomegranates barehanded without squishing any seeds is what I’m working on.  If anybody has a video please post!  I only get it right about half the time, and only if I carefully score the pomegranate first, which seems like cheating.  But I haven’t found any way to do it on the Internets that works better than the way I’m already doing it.

  2. My god, Maggie!!! You’re encouraging people to make marshmallow guns?!?!?

    That could get a kid put on the terrorist list!

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