Do you know anything about Techno? Watch.

From the 1996 film Vibrations. (via @chris_carter_)


  1. Poor guy had no clue his over the top performance would be overshadowed by a 1980’s Micheal Post track being used by mistake.

      1. That’s not techno.  That’s goa trance.  This is techno:

          1. I love the connection between electronic music and American socialism: its all arguing about definitions. I’m not a huge fan, but my tastes run a little more towards the Asterix sort of thing, which is what, some Israeili Trance something or other? If you go to burning man often enough you can’t help but have some of that stuff rub off on you…

            Sure, that clip was pretty hilarious, but was the guy’s running blather all that different from some DJ’s internal narrative?

          1. wait a second, did you just argue that a Juan Atkins single on Metroplex from the 80s is *not* techno?

            that’s rather courageous of you….

          2. Yes, sir. Just because Juan made it doesnt mean its techno. As clever as you think your response is, its not really an argument. Ive been producing for 15 years, a fan for nearly 20. 

            Model 500 ‎– Night Drive
            Label: Metroplex ‎– M-002
            Format: Vinyl, 12″ 
            Country: US
            Released: 1985
            Genre: Electronic
            Style: Electro

          3. Just because you produce techno doesn’t make it an argument, either

            And for the record, electro IS techno.

            And also, techno doesn’t require a 4/4 beat.

          4. Ah, ok. Yeah americans call it all techno cause they cant tell the difference, or simply dont bother to make a distinction. If it makes bleeps and electronic noises they call it techno. But if you go anywhere else in the world they would be confused. What you, as well as most amercans, clump together as being techno the rest of the world just catagorizes as electronic music. Its like a general term.

            Argue it all u want, if drumcell dropped some electro at a gig he would loose a lot of fans. They would wonder why he quit playing techno and started playing electro. I dont know how else to explain this… this is getting retarded. Heheheh. I mean no offense.

  2. This is the reason anything danceable in the 90s was “techno,” isn’t it?  All the bros watched this movie to figure out what all this “rave” nonsense was about.

    Oh, and the generic “CG demo” patch set makes it.  It’s like Jan Hammer is the KING of techno.

    1. I’d forgotten and lost that one. Shame it stops around 2000. Somebody should bring it up to date, coz I’m sure something happened in the last 12 years.

    1.  That soundtrack was from 1984. The producer had heard Herbie Hancock’s RockIt once, at a *very* cool (and edgy) party. The real mind-blowing thing about this scene seems to go over most people’s heads – that this is really about time travel….

  3. Actual techno music in 1996 (and years prior) sounded a TAD better than this. Somebody on the production crew was out of touch.

  4. I watched the film… its musically hilarious because they have actual 90’s bands like 808 state and sven vath lined up with this music which bears no relation to techno… then there’s the cyberstorm bits… shudder inducing buttock clenchingly bad

  5. So much win here. Honestly I got more entertainment out of that then some of the “top” DJ’s I’ve seen. I love the fact he blew off the Turntables and completely blew our minds with a synth. Reminds me of how I became addicted to techno.   In college we got the newest technology, “Cable Radio” and as a joke we would have “beer and techno” parties. None of us liked “techno” it was silly right? No words, beeps and stuff as music. Stupid right? We danced around pounding beer as good college kids did and turned to the techno station. We aren’t sure what happened but suddenly we woke up and were techno-heads. Some of us became great DJ’s some of us became VJ’s. It was like a virus, before we knew it we liked the stuff. In reality we never really listened to techno. Too minimalist. What we were listening to would be considered house at the time. Point is, it got under our skin and controlled our minds. That’s the point of this PSA right?

  6. “No really, Stock Aitken Waterman tracks are all techno!  You can hear it in Rick Astley, Jason Donovan, Kylie Minogue, Bananarama, and Dead Or Alive!”

    1. it appears a lot of people here don’t really know what techno is

      this is *not* techno

      if you want a sure bet, it’s pretty much gonna be from detroit (for starters)

      and if not detroit, then probably somewhere in germany (see: basic channel)

        1. I do

          Like I said, it if ain’t from detroit or germany, it probably isn’t techno

          Yes, there is some icy scandinavian techno (like vladislav delay) or some chicago and jersey guys who cross over (like dj traxx or dj qu or dj jus ed) but more often than not,  real techno comes from germany or the US of A

  7. That’s not Dubstep, that’s Brostep.

    That’s not Techno, that’s Electro.

    That’s not House, that’s Neo Soul.

    That’s not Rock, that’s Motown.

    That’s not Jazz, that’s Bebop.

    That’s not Blues, that’s Boogie-Woogie.

    Shut up and dance.

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