French stench reaches London

Reuters: "A cloud of harmless gas smelling of sweat and rotten eggs leaked out of a chemicals factory in northwest France and wafted across the English Channel as far as London on Tuesday."


    1. Don’t remind me. Last year was the worst. We were blanketed by the stench almost daily for about a month.

  1. “What a dreadful smell!” said the uninitiated stranger. “It is the smell of the Continent, sir!” replied the man of experience. And so it was. (Frances Trollope)

    1. Methanethiol, aka methyl mercaptane. Also a main ingredient of bad breath.

      Alternative headline: “+100k Brits calling the police because of bad french breath!”

    1. They´re awfully delicate people too. I can just picture them all drenched in tears over four or five mildly offensive jokes on boingboing.

    2. Ah, come on. The French have been joyously thumbing their noses at John Bull’s sneering for centuries. And farting in their general direction.

      I thought the Paris PD did rather a nice job of trolling them in the following statement:

      “[…] the gas posed no health risks but warned that it smelled like a mixture of sweat, garlic and rotten eggs.”

      Substitute drains for rotten eggs and you’re reading the stereotypical reaction of a John Bull Briton on his or her first (and probably, last) visit to Paris. It’s up there with “Coachman, the postilion has been struck by lightning” among snort-inducing literary clichés.

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