James Taylor's experimental glitchtronica at Obama's inauguration

I hadn't realized that James Taylor had gone so avant-garde. (Thanks, Chris Arkenberg!)


    1. I saw him live – was on a date, figured hey, I like his music fine, right? It’s always worth it to see an experienced musician perform live, right? That was just the most terrible concert I ever went to. One of his songs every so often, fine. But he just sat on a stool, strumming, singing his oh so mellow music, and I nearly fell asleep. Now I hate him with a passion. 

    1. This kind of signal degradation is difficult to reproduce in a studio setting without really screwing around with your expensive equipment in ways that no one with any sense would ever DARE–but there are a number of plugins and effects that can get your sound *really* close! IZotope’s Stutter Edit is pretty good, as is dblue’s Glitch…but even a simple bitcrusher can be tweaked to do the same if you automate the bitrate so it goes up and down. Depending on the bitcrusher, you can automate its other parameters too to create audio dropouts and digital-degradation crackle. You know what sounds *totally* cool? Adding a noise gate after the bitcrusher so that it only lets through crackles and pops above a certain dB threshold–that *really* makes things sound all gritty and damaged!

      Or you could do what Richard D. James of Aphex Twin once did: spill a can of Coke into a hardware synth and just see what it sounds like!

    1. Sounds to me more like a digital stream going through a channel with erratic latency and/or huge packet loss. RealPlayer used to get pieces of sounds just barely through sometimes but played with the wrong pitch. I’ve heard Skype sometimes gets messed up so that it gets stuck with the entire stream being played back with the wrong pitch for minutes at a time.

  1. I’m glad I saw this after “Do you know anything about techno”. Almost a musical unicorn chaser.

  2. I knew Obama and his Godless Liberal Communist ilk were attempting to deconstruct America, but I didn’t realize until now that it’s all one big elaborate art project. Talk about subversive.

  3. We were there, at the Washington Monument section. A large section of the inauguration sounded like that. To re-create, maybe hire the company in charge?

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