Jonty Hurwitz's sculptures reveal themselves in a cylindrical mirror


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  1. euansmith says:

    I’ve seen painting of Charles Edward Stewart (the patron saint of wife beating drunkards) like this; created to allow clandestine veneration of their subject, but where is Hypno-toad the subject of an authoritarian crackdown?

  2. theophrastvs says:

    impressive effort.  (i think it was a popular parlor amusement back in the heady zoetrope days)  unfortunately, still can’t circle the mirror around the sculpture to play ‘rotate the frog’.

  3. victorriviera says:

    Well this is ooooold already, maybe you should take a walk at the viennes museum of historical art- was already done way earlier in baroque times AND it was done by hand at that times, it is called “anamorphic painting” started in 1533 with Hans Hohlbein supposebly- maybe even earlier…

  4. noahmckinnon says:

    Pretty of the same reaction I have when I see an Escher. Neat, but not much more than a technical exercise.

    • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

      I like this Escher woodcut a lot:,+m+c+puddle+1952.jpg

  5. Digilante says:

    I recommend a review of the works of the South African artist William Kentridge if you like this sort of thing.

  6. jimkirk says:

    This is calling out for some 3D printer object manipulation.

  7. TheOven says:

    Nice but why model the back side? Seems what they did was stretch an existing 3D model and just 3d printed it.

    EDIT: Now that I’ve checked out his other work, I can see that the whole of the pieces (the frog is the least interesting to me) work very well in 3D as their own objects. That they form a picture in a reflection is also neat, but the sculptures are quite interesting alone.

  8. timquinn says:

    Here is a big clue for you new comers to art gazing; “art is not a competition.” You may use it as a mantra if it helps to keep it in mind.

  9. swankgd says:

    Salvador Dali made several of these.

  10. Cowicide says:

    I like this, but I love Robert Lazzarini’s work.

  11. CJR says:

    Yes – this was classic way to do subversive paintings – from the politically subversive to the pornographic. The paintings looked like smeared pain until you put the reflective cylinder in the center and looked at the reflection – then poof, a painting of the House of Lancaster hidden from Cromwell’s men! I first saw this during an episode of Lovejoy Mysteries…

  12. the_dannobot says:

    Cool!  There is a local Ghent beer Gruut that has something similar… Every Belgian beer is served in it’s own glass, this particular beer the glass has a little mirror on it, and comes with a special coaster.  The coaster has a design on it that when you line it up with the glass, the reflection in the mirror is a girl striking a pose
    The beer is really good too ;)

  13. timquinn says:

    not 3-d. nice try, come again.

  14. SCK says:

    Really? You think so? My comment was on the artistic quality of work utilizing optical effects, and not concerned with the objects’ nature as three-dimensional or not.

  15. Bruno says:

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