Little Lamp: an Internet-of-Things light that tells you about your friends' beddie-byes

Alexandra sez, "The Good Night Lamp lets you stay in touch with your loved ones by turning on a Big Lamp that remotely turns on a network of Little Lamps around the world. Wifi-enabled, collecting the Little Lamps of loved ones across the world means you get to know if they're around for a chat, just hanging out at home, or away. Based in East London, this startup founded by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (former co-founder of Tinker London, the first distributor of the Arduino platform in the UK) is looking for enough funding to make a first batch via Kickstarter."

Home alone. Ever wanted to keep an eye on a loved one who lives alone? Give them a Big Lamp and watch your Little Lamp turn on as they come home or go to bed.

Global families. Live abroad and can't seem to call your family at the right time? Let them switch a Big Lamp on when they're around and can be called and vice versa.

Global teams. Have a team working around the world and want to see if they're around for that conference call? Turn your Big Lamp on when you're ready. Collect your colleagues Little Lamps and watch everyone join the call.

Connecting worlds. Want to connect home and work, turn the Big Lamp off when you leave work so your family knows you're on your way.

Good Night Lamp (Thanks, Alexandra!)