Skull ice cube maker

For $12, Gama Go will sell you a mould that makes skull-shaped ice cubes. Not technically cubes, though, are they?

P.S. This reminded me that we require pyramid-shaped ice cubes (i.e. pyramids) for our illuminati parties. Unfortunately, all the molds available online seem to be floppy silicone ones with the tops flattened to be stable in the freezer or oven. This is clearly unacceptable -- does anyone make a nice hard plastic one with pointy tops? If not, we may have to kickstart this.


  1. Surely is you want pyramid ice cubes you just freeze them upside down? that way the top/bottom is flat and you still get the point.

    EDIT… Wait I clicked the link and see what you mean…

  2. Look for polycarbonate chocolate molds. They can double up as ice molds. I saw some that are (pointy) pyramid shaped. More expensive then cheap silicon molds though.

    1. Come on, search results are easy. Amazon has a) 3-inch steel molds, b) chocolate molds less than an inch deep, or with ugly ripply textures, and c) the silicone molds with the “tops” chopped off.

      1. The ripply texture is supposed to be the tiers of stone blocks, I think.  They look alright to me.

        Also, since they’re simple pyramids, you don’t have to fill the big molds all the way up – they will make perfect ice pyramids of any size up to their maximum capacity.

        Incidentally, I went and measured the capacity of the ice cube tray in my freezer (look at this – you’ve driven me to science).  320 mL for 14 cubes = 23 mL / cube.  A pyramid mold 1 3/4 inches to a side and 7/8 inches high would give you about 22 mL pyramids

    2. That is incorrect. This article and video show exactly how to get clear ice. It’s actually really awesome.

  3. The pyramid tops are missing so you can add your own frozen all seeing eye.

    Oh, and the ice cube skull in the picture might not be technically ice either.

  4. i always thought that part of what a 3d printer is for , is to make custom ice tray molds !! easy peasy ?? not too dang hard ?? of course , i may well be confused !! hahrahrahrrh

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