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44 Responses to “The Russian way to destroy Chinese knockoff iPhones”

  1. James Erwin says:

    “He steps on your phone, you run his over with an excavator. That’s the Moscow way!”

  2. OldBrownSquirrel says:

    See also: clearing broken bottles from Tverskaya in the wee hours of New Years’ Day with a snowplow.

  3. Wreckrob8 says:

    So? Increases the market for Russian knockoffs, I suppose.

  4. in soviet russia, chinese knockoff iPhones destroy you!

  5. Sigmund_Jung says:

    Or just take one person and 10% of the diesel and burn all the phones at once.

  6. derek prowse says:

    just popping in to see if the fakes are as good as the originals..

  7. tylerkaraszewski says:

    And we complain about the world becoming polluted and running out of resources as we build perfectly functional (presumably) phones, ship them thousands of miles, then drive over them in a fuel-guzzling construction machine and then bury them.

  8. Why would Russia even care if China’s making knock-off Apple products?

  9. Tor Lillqvist says:

    Of course, the very point with tracked vehicles is that the weight is distributed over a large area, i.e. the pressure under the tracks is low. So it is not an extremely good way to crush something, just jumping on the phones with work boots might have produced larger destructive force…

  10. Dennis Smith says:

    Much rather have a fake. No DRM, No locked down OS, interesting hardware to play with…….

      • Dennis Smith says:

        A little common sense would suggest buyer beware. I buy counterfeits all the time, deliberately, always aware of the risk from someone trying to scam you or one that is just trying to sell a cheap copy. There is a check list of things I run through before I part with my money, Is it safe (can I open and test the PSU/battery), does it have hidden extra’s (IE rootkit), will it last at least 1 year from my abuse? Is the memory as big as it claims(Not hacked to show more). I have not yet had a real lemon, so I would argue I have done well. I buy something that is fake, knowing it’s fake, and knowing what to expect, and what it’s limitations are, or in the case of Apple, how much more capable the fake is.

        • flickerKuu says:

           Ummm… Ok…. Please show me an example of a counterfeit that is more capable than an Apple phone. Lol.

          • Dennis Smith says:

            The iphone is so locked down and tied to one ideal, that great hardware is wrecked by a control freaks demanding inflexibility. Any Chinese knock off is a dream by comparison. It’s a shame that so many people are swayed by peer pressure and greed that they miss the good things in the alternatives.

          • flickerKuu says:

            … Says no one who has ever used one. I’m the first to jailbreak  – alleviating anything you may imagine is “locked down”-   But I haven’t needed to. I like simple, uncluttered, pretty UI that does what I want to do. I’ve never found I was “locked down” from anything. Instead, I find myself being able to do amazing things with it, from business to pleasure, and it never crashes, or misses an update. It doesn’t look like a silly giant brick in my hand, etc.. etc… Not willing to start a war over stupid phones. Just saying, you’re nuts with this whole “I buy counterfeit phones because they are better than Iphone”   BS you are pulling.

  11. John Verne says:

    I’m not an expert, but at least one of those guys was wearing a knock-off watch.

  12. Carlos Ayala says:

    That’s a bulldozer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulldozer not an excavator: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excavator
    =) I made a similar mistake a while ago.

  13. nick thomas says:

    I tried out an iclone 4 in thailand a couple years ago. Couldnt get it to do much, as in it wouldnt connect to a wifi signal or make any calls. But it did receive tv signals. and it weighed next to nothing.

  14. flickerKuu says:

    “Instead of giving six men hammers, they hired five men … and one man to drive an
    excavator over the phones”

    Yeah, but they saved SOOOOO much money when they used pencils in space instead of developing a space-pen.

  15. CLamb says:

    I wonder how durable they would’ve been if used as paving stones?

  16. Warren says:

    127 fake iPhones? Sounds like classic off-by-one error to me.