Zero to Maker: A Re-Skilling Guide for New Makers

My friend, David Lang, co-creator of the OpenROV remote control underwater robot, is working on a new book about makers and making, and he has launched a kickstarted to fund it.

In a span of several months I flipped the switch from being an interested onlooker to an active participant. In less than a year, I went from a maker novice to card-carrying evangelist; from a tool-illiterate enthusiast to a partner in a fledgling underwater robot business. What I thought was an insurmountable disadvantage of never having used a soldering iron, turned out to be a phantom obstacle. Now, my biggest concern is how we're going to fill all the orders for the robot kit I helped develop. It's a much better problem to have.

And believe me, I'm the last person who ever thought I'd be singing this tune. Having labeled myself as mechanically incompetent and manually illiterate, I presumed that my relationship with devices would always be strictly utilitarian.

Zero to Maker: A Re-Skilling Guide for New Makers


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