Classic Penguin paperback covers of the 1970s, by David Pelham

Illustrator David Pelham produced some of Penguin UK's most iconic 1970s book-covers. Kadrey's got a small gallery of the best of 'em, works of art every one.

Some of David Pelham’s brilliant 70s SF covers for Penguin Books.


4 Responses to “Classic Penguin paperback covers of the 1970s, by David Pelham”

  1. Beanolini says:

    There are lots more of them here

    Apparently Pelham and Burgess both disliked the ‘Clockwork Orange’ cover.

  2. Mike Burton says:

    A buddy of mine recently wrote a blog post about some of the old covers in his book collection. I learned a lot from people commenting about the artists involved. And having seen the struggle self-pubs go through to get this right, it’s a lot more interesting than usual to me.

  3. Jorpho says:

    They look so different when rendered clearly as opposed to printed in faded ink on worn paper with rough edges.

  4. Dr_Wadd says:

    I’m somewhat puzzled how Penguin weren’t sued by Disney.

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