Death Wish 3, the computer game


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  1. Don says:

    Neofascist vigilantism. Good times…

    I remember watching one of the Death Wish pictures. Don’t remember which one. In it, Bronson shoots a guy dead on the street…for snatching a purse.

  2. peterblue11 says:

    the game doesnt look that great but soundtrack is badass! 

  3. So, 1985 was my young adulthood, and I wasn’t much of a gamer. What’s really weird is looking at the statistics that universally show an astonishing drop-off in global violent crime rates in the real world since the 1970s, and realizing that the world really was a much more violent place 30-40 years ago, when the main video game genres were being established.

    Then I run into some yahoo in his early thirties, who may or may not be a gamer, and he’s convinced that the world outside his suburban enclave is a violent place where death waits around each corner, and I get so angry I just want to beat him to a pulp and take all his money. Asshole.

  4. alphaxion says:

    I’d actually recommend you contact Sumo Digital to see if you can talk to anyone who may have worked on this title as an interesting feature – Sumo was born out of the embers of Gremlin :)

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