My favorite podcasts of 2012, Part 2


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  1. Terry Frost says:

    My own, but I am biased. Also The Gentlemen’s Guide To Midnight Cinema

  2. Gerald Mander says:

    Podrunner, music for workouts. His Groovelectric house/funk music podcast is pretty good, too.

  3. Slowermo says:

    My favorites are Stop Podcasting Yourself, Harmontown and How Was Your Week.

  4. pjcamp says:

    “(is the state of Georgia contemplating a scheme to charge freeway drivers a toll that corresponds with the amount of lane congestion?”

    Yes. But not contemplating. It already exists.

    On I-85 headed north out of town. The funny thing is there is still a toll for that lane even at 3 AM when there’s no congestion at all. You can pay 3 cents for the zen experience.

  5. Kent Durvin says:

    RadioLab is not about radio or labs. It is about science and everyday life. NPR’s Robert Krulwich cohosts with Jad Abumrad, who does sound work to enhance the stories.

  6. Roderick on the Line is my essential podcast for 2012. The Bugle is the only news podcast you need to listen to (althought The World Next Week does a good straight take on world news). Hang Up and Listen is the thinking man’s sports podcast. And while I’m not convinced of Lexicon Valley’s long term viability, the first season was really strong.

  7. Tim Hare says:

    I admit I haven’t listened to a lot of podcasts,  But that’s because of a question I  have always asked myself:  “do you have time to listen to this whole thing?”  Usually the answer is no, because I don’t want to listen to them at work (moves my focus from what I’m doing) or much of the evening (moves focus from wife/family).   So, I’d like to hear – when do people have time to listen to these?
    Reading is different – I can speed up my reading if I’m in a hurry, or just skim quickly.  Podcasts and their video equivalent are done in “real time” as far as I know (if there are tools to speed up spoke podcasts, I’d be interested)

    • UnderachievingSheep says:

      I have the same issue regarding distracting sounds (radio/ podcasts, etc) while I am working. I still listen to a fair number of podcasts though. I use public transport and walk quite a lot (not necessarily leisure walk, but to run errands and do my shopping), both are great opportunities to catch up on podcasts. Also, while cleaning the house. Additionally, I work out at the gym three times a week for one hour. I am lucky that my gym has those cardio machines that you can plug your iphone or ipod and play directly from it. If I didn’t upload any series or movie (the machines have big touch screens that play video), I catch up on a podcast or two.

  8. BrainRush says:

    This American Life, RadioLab, 99% Invisible, The Moth, Judge John Hodgman, All Songs Considered, CBC Radio’s Ideas. 

  9. Craig Shank says:

    I think My Brother, My Brother, and me is hilarious. Bullseye with Jesse Thorn is great. Snap Judgment is life-changing. Decode DC is a scrappy new show about politics that I’ve enjoyed so far. Backstory is great for American history.

    …and there’s the one that I produce called “Everything Sounds.” We explore the role of sound in art, science, culture, history, and everyday life.

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