National Day of Courage for the Rosa Parks centennial

Lish from The Henry Ford Museum writes, "Henry Ford Museum in metro Detroit is hosting a National Day of Courage in honor of Rosa Parks' 100th birthday. We're encouraging folks to share a digital badge of courage that they want to stand up for. We'll also be unveiling the new Rosa Parks stamp from the USPS that day, too."

4 Responses to “National Day of Courage for the Rosa Parks centennial”

  1. Joey deBlois says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Ford a howling racist scumbag?

  2. Rosa Parks was surely a courageous woman, but her civil disobedience and the subsequent bus boycott was a coup for *community organizing*, not a individual heroism. She was part of a movement — the myth of the one little old lady who stumbled her way into changing the world does a disservice to the many people who helped make that event possible.

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