Play a forecasting game about the future of civic engagement

My Institute for the Future colleague Jake Dunagan is hosting a 24-hour online forecasting game to imagine the future of government services and civic engagement. It's called Connected Citizens and there are still a few hours left to play!

The near future holds epic opportunities for rapid innovation in government services. New civic technologies will be built with open data, ubiquitous cloud connectivity, and real-time sensing. Connected Citizens is a global conversation about how connectedness will change the relationship between citizens and governments, and how government services will be designed and delivered in the future.
Connected Citizens


  1. They may build a hypothetical utopia on line, but I doubt Republicans will allow it to come into being.

  2. Mandated sensors in his body?!  City certified trusted citizen?!  Orwellian much? – No thanks.
    As for the other voluntary stuff…  isn’t that basically already here?

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