Aaron's Army

At a memorial for Aaron Swartz in San Francisco tonight at Internet Archive (live video stream here), Carl Malamud spoke about the late activist and developer.

Aaron was part of an army of citizens that believes democracy only works when the citizenry are informed, when we know about our rights—and our obligations. An army that believes we must make justice and knowledge available to all—not just the well born or those that have grabbed the reigns of power—so that we may govern ourselves more wisely. He was part of an army of citizens that rejects kings and generals and believes in rough consensus and running code.

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  1. Carl gave a good rabble-rousing speech with a lot of insight into the political background, but I was more struck by all the personal memories that the speakers shared about their time with Aaron, and by the amazing range of different projects he worked on that have made life better for me and everybody else over the years.

    Some were amusing – he’d been working on a standards committee for a while, and got asked to come to Boston for a meeting (he had to check with his mom, because he was only 14.)  A number of people first met him when he came to DC for Larry Lessig’s Supreme Court case.  
    And a lot were just sad – he had problems with depression, often didn’t think about taking care of himself, and the pressure from the case was grinding him for years.  Take care of your friends, folks; he’s not the only one in our community who’s needed help and support.

  2. Malamud was amazing. He definitely pulled the evening back from Sadness and into Action. I think many people will be radicalized by Aaron’s story.

    I pulled the video or Malamud’s talk from the Livestream and posted it separately here: http://youtu.be/4NSPqFXocFA I hope everyone will watch and share it widely.

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