Coachella 2013 lineup announced


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  1. bruceburbank says:


    Also- while not as popular as many of those other artists, it’s criminal that Sparks are relegated to the fine print.

  2. Antinous / Moderator says:

    No hotel room in Cabazon this year, eh?

  3. penguinchris says:

    Lou Reed and Johnny Marr were the names that caught my eye. Not sure what either of them might be like in concert these days though. I’d like to see Sigur Rós too, though I feel they’d be best in a relatively intimate old theater where their sound could really fill the place.

    In all there’s nobody I’m dying to see, but it does look like there would be a lot to enjoy on all three days – the one time I went (2010) was pretty mixed, to my taste. Although, that can be good too because it enables you to wander around listening to things you haven’t heard of that you would miss if you plan out your day to listen to all the better-known bands.

  4. Steve Olsen says:

    The Headliners are kinda fucked up for me. I realize that is subjective… 

    Stoked for
    Grimes, James Blake, Purity Ring, Postal Service, Passion Pit, Yeasayer

  5. Engineer_ says:

    That’s a LOT of bands. 
    Glad to see some French bands out there too. (C2C from my hometown!) 

  6. Daryl Fritz says:

    Are the XX really deserving of a second-headliner spot? Over Postal Service?? Interesting to see How To Destroy Angels’ first live gig ever.

  7. franko says:

    so, basically, EVERYONE is playing?

  8. Dorkomatic says:

    Skinny Lister.  Win.

  9. foxtongue says:

    A a friend on Facebook pointed out:  The Sunday line up is kind of bitterly hilarious, though, considering it was Nick Cave who said “I’m forever near a stereo saying, ‘What the fuck is this garbage?’ And the answer is always the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

  10. Pres says:

    Bah. If I were in the US, I’d be looking forward to Electric Daisy Carnival!

  11. pjcamp says:


    Why did I think this was going to have something to do with handbags?

  12. Gerald Mander says:

    I stopped going to Coachella years ago. Madonna and The Cure headlining an alternative music fest? Riiiight. They treated attendees like shit. Shade was conspicuously absent, water was expensive, public drinking facilities literally consisted of a hose, port-a-potties were in short supply, and the clear glee on the faces of Indio PD officers as they swarmed people for minor drug infractions was alarming.

  13. Itsumishi says:

    Y’all are far too bitter. That line-up would have me making my way to any other state in Australia, and probably across to New Zealand. A flight too the US however…

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