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  1. DeeZed says:

    Hey! Someone is using my archer’s name from Asheron’s Call

  2. matchosan says:

    Need to get this made into a Hitler voiced video

  3. Fang Xianfu says:

    The only problem I have with this article is that I have no idea what a mansplainer is. Could someone mansplain it? How does one go about mansplaining something, anyway?

  4. invictus says:

    Site got boingboinged? I would’ve thought feministing would have been able to withstand the onslaught…

    Edit: For anyone else having the issue, three-four tries seem to do it in the end.

  5. M Carlson says:

    Reminds me of this site, which was awesome while it lasted: Texts from Hillary

  6. GIFs are heavy on servers because of how they keep connections open, apparently. 

  7. septimar says:

    I can understand what “mansplaining” means in context of feminist issues, but could someone enlighten me how it is applicable to Benghazi?

    • Jardine says:

      Oh no. I’m not falling into that trap.

    • wysinwyg says:

      Urban dictionary (top def): To explain in a patronizing manner, assuming total ignorance on the part of those listening. The mansplainer is often shocked and hurt when their mansplanation is not taken as absolute fact, criticized or even rejected altogether.

      Doesn’t sound at all limited to feminist issues.

      • EvilTerran says:

        Doesn’t sound at all limited to feminist issues.

        It really doesn’t. It really strikes me as odd that a gendered word like that would originate in feminist circles, when it describes something so generally applicable. Why mansplaining? It’s like the term’s designed to give ammo to the “feminists hate men” crowd.

        Personally, I’m happy to call an arrogant, patronising asshole… an arrogant, patronising asshole, regardless of gender.

      • C W says:

        “Doesn’t sound at all limited to feminist issues.”

        Being patronizing isn’t, but there’s a piquant way of talking-down women in high positions get from insecure, powerless men who want to “take them down a notch”.

        There’s a version for every version of privilege, but let them find their own sadcutesy statements to depict the phenomena.

  8. thatbob says:

    Best of all, she does it while (apparently) wearing  Tippi Hedron’s green dress from The Birds! 

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