How to eat an elephant

Millions of calories, one thick skin. Video Link


  1. What’s with these added sound effects in documentaries, lately?
    Also, imagine smelling what that hyena just did with a 40 times better sense of smell.

  2. Could have just posted an ad on craigslist if it wanted somebody to eat its………………..

    1. Needs to go in David Attenborough’s list of responses to people who harangue him for not properly crediting god for the wonders of nature.

  3. “This video contains content from Channel 4, who have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds” WTF?
    (greetings from England,  HOME OF CHANNEL 4, btw)

    1. Yep, me too. This seems to happen a lot with Channel 4, which forces me to use less-than-legal software to spoof an american IP address so I can watch it. Just barmy.

      1. But… but… modify headers add-ons and proxy servers are all perfectly legal. Why resort to “less-than-legal”? (other than to get my curiosity up about what the hell you could possibly be using!)

  4. Saw this while on vacation with fam over thanksgiving day. Awesome vid. Yeah, thats all I’ve got.

  5. You p’bly thought he was just making it up for laffs, but now you know that Fred Haise made a wise, considered decision when he offered to eat the ass end out of a dead rhinoceros.

  6. What I want to know is, did that hyena figure it out him/herself on the spot because there was no open wound to work from — hungry enough that necessity became the mother of invention — or is this a commonly known and used entry point?

    1.  A hyena could rip open anything smaller, but yeah the anus is where vultures start in on an intact carcass.

  7.  It’s a commonly used entry point.  A couple of years ago my dog had the chance to run around loose in the woods on the edge of a farm and startled a young deer.  Dog chased it down, did a kill-bite on it’s neck before we could yank her away.  Dog ran back to the kill a few hours later and we found her eating the deer’s anus.  Dog is no longer welcome at that farm.

  8. Was anyone else annoyed when the guy said, “The skin is like two and a half centimeters thick.  So that’s over an inch thick.”

    1. Haha!  Good point.  “That’s actually a tenth of a millimeter smaller than an inch, you twit!”

  9. I actually got the assignment to translate and subtitle this doc for a cable channel… The software I work with has no “video off” option so I physically taped a piece of paper across the overlay area on my monitor, leaving only the lower third part visible (where the subtitles go.) Even so, I barely managed to complete the job…

  10. That technique’s good for a lot more than just eating elephants!
    By the way, does anyone know if there’s any truth to the recent stories of hyenas wandering into cities & entering people’s bedrooms at night?

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