Kickstarter for film about man with muscular dystrophy looking for love online

"Rolling Romance," a film described as the story of "two people with muscular dystrophy who go on a hilarious first date," really looks like a terrific project. I am sold from the Kickstarter video. Stay with it until the "desert tortoise" line. This guy is really great. At the time of this blog post, they're a little more than halfway to their modest goal.

The script is based on the Samuel Goldwyn award winning feature film "Who's Driving Doug," which Michael wrote while attending UC San Diego. This short is being funded by the writer and his family. We would like to raise funds to help offset some of their expenses as well as pay some of our team members who are currently offering their time for free.

This is a passion project for us; we would like to see the writer's work appreciated by a greater audience. We would also like to put a project out there that talks about disability in a unique way. This project doesn't tiptoe around the issues; the lead characters are people with disabilities. They are full characters who are dealing with life in the same way that all of us have to: one laugh and one heartbreak at a time.

Here's the Kickstarter. (thanks, Meredith Yayanos!)