Legos and green army men show you how cold sores work

Anne of Green Gables had herpes. And now, you can learn a little more about how herpes hides out in your body and how it causes cold sores with the help of University of Texas professor Chris Sullivan, a bunch of legos, and a platoon of green army men.

Many thanks to Joe Hanson!


  1. The “Legos” spelling always jumps out for me too. Is it an American thing? In NZ no one says “Legos”. I think Australia is the same.

    Very interesting video too!

  2. I know NOTHING about viruses – as my comment will make very clear :-)

    Is the virus source/reservoir  detectable by the immune response/drugs when it’s actively producing after a stress response is detected? If so, during this phase, could it be attacked?

    Could a long(er) term outbreak of the active state be induced artificially, giving the immune response time to mount an attack on the source?
    Short term suffering for overall benefit?

    1. No, unfortunately not. It is when an internal/external cause makes the reservoir produce gross amounts of viral cells that that the immune response only then “kicks” in. In the “down” times the reservoir is hidden and the immune response and drugs can’t find it. We need to continue research to figure out how it knows how to hide from the body’s defenses. 

      I answered your question from watching the video – I could have never understood it if it hadn’t been so clearly explained through the example he used.  Amazing.

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