Person posts question to Tim O’Reilly believing he's Bill O’Reilly

Someone posts a question about the electoral process; Tim replies: "I think you must think you're talking to Bill O'Reilly, not Tim O'Reilly the technical publisher, but I'll take a stab at it anyway." The user remains confused. (HT: @torrez)


  1. I really enjoy Bill O Reilly. He’s a smart man and everything he says, even if you don’t agree with it, has been carefully thought out. He’s also as much of a listener as he is a talker, and there’s a very good reason that his books sell so well. Smart people buy good books.

    It was also a bold move making all his books DRM free. The php/MySQL book was a big advantage to me.

      1.  You’re over-simplifying things to support your argument, and skipping my more salient points. You’re acting like TIM O’Reilly, not Bill.

      2. I think you must be thinking of Bill O’Reilly, the Australian cricket player, not Bill O’Reilly the American technical publisher.

  2. Next up, Takers versus Makers…

    “While the complexity of building and customizing an infinite variety of functional and artistic objects is both challenging and rewarding on many levels, photography is still a wonderful creative endeavor and can be a gateway into other artistic pursuits.”

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