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33 Responses to “Secret exterior door with remote control lock”

  1. feetleet says:

    Dungeon mastered.

  2. Mikey! says:

    You had me at “an secret”.

  3. paddle2paddle says:

    Secret doors are fun and all, but this just strikes me as stemming from paranoia.  I hope there is no reason for this door other than, ” Because it’s cool.”

    • theophrastvs says:

       eh, you’re just being paranoid.

      (i want one that i can drive into.  with the “road-end” sign tipping down and with a butler waiting to give me grief)

    • Jim Saul says:

      In what world is “because it’s cool” not a fantastic reason to do something?

    • Ruth CastilloDean says:

      I could see this being very useful in my working class neighborhood.  Many of the homes have chainlink fence which does not conceal your backyard, and some houses, built in a more prosperous time for the neighborhood, have side entries to the garage (where expensive work tools are kept and weak doors to the interior are).  I think this is a great idea and might try it for my own home which needs a new door to the laundry anyway.

  4. When I saw this on reddit a while back, the overwhelming response was “OMG FireFighters are going to *hate* this!!”.
    I tend to agree, but I do love secret doors.

  5. cherry shiva says:

    it’s not a secret anymore!

  6. Timmo Warner says:

    I love picturing someone circling around and around the house looking for a door.

  7. robcat2075 says:

    “But Abner, there WAS A DOOR here! I saw Mrs. Stephens open up the wall and walk right through!”

  8. Michael says:

    When I select the accompanying tag “secret doors,” this is the only post that appears. The editors are really shirking their secret door post responsibilities. More please.

  9. AwesomeRobot says:

    Fuck, that’s well done. I’d completely remove any door that isn’t secret if I were them and paint the house to look like the monolith in 2001.

    Completely worth possibly dying in a fire.

  10. horn5555 says:

    I’ve been interested in a bedroom with only small windows, but as I understand the fire safety code it requires a window which would allow escape.  I believe a door is allowed as an alternative. With a disguised exterior door would be even better since with wouldn’t be as visually disruptive.

  11. ms4130 says:

     it’s supposed to be, keypad hidden in the siding, pull the branch of the tree, then the back shrubbery slides up to reveal the garage where you keep your bike.

  12. Terry Border says:

    With a teenage daughter now getting some interest from boys, I’m interested in making all of our exterior doors like this.

    • chgoliz says:

      In that case, do not get keypad locks.  Every one of your daughter’s friends will know the code by nightfall.  And then they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends….

    • Ryan Lenethen says:

      Better hide your interior ones as well…

  13. kmoser says:

    Keaton did this first in One Week.

  14. Art Carnage says:

    Years ago, I was lucky enough to be able to tour a local residence that also happened to house one the largest collections of privately held modern art in the United States. The owner hires a museum curator to handle loans of pieces to museums around the world, and to display pieces in the home. The house is a white, 2 story box with lots of tinted glass walls, and white panels. And no visible exterior doors anywhere. You have to know which white panel to go to, and press it in the right way, and the panel swings open (if it’s unlocked). It was already unlocked when I arrived, so I never found out how that worked.

  15. noah django says:

    pretty nonchalant about divulging the combination to her house.

    all that trouble to make a well-hidden secret door, only to share it with the entire world.  I….  don’t get it.

    • Roger Dudek says:

      You don’t know what country she lives in, let alone what state or city, and on what street. And I’m pretty sure she changed the code after the video.

  16. oasisob1 says:

    Guess who never orders pizza for delivery…

  17. i wonder if the faucet works.

  18. harmfulguy says:

    How do you KNOW you’ve never seen a secret exterior door before?

  19. Mark Stark says:

    I know this house, it has a regular main entry door at the front. The owner just added this secret door at side for perceived coolness. The [secret] side door is visible from the street and everyone in the neighborhood knows about it.

  20. jimh says:

    I love secret doors!
    I’ve never seen a spigot set so high up on a wall like that before, though. I think it kind of ruins the effect. Better to place it lower, I think.

  21. Luke Sideris says:

    Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durin’s Day will shine upon the key-hole.