Susan Crawford should run the FCC!


6 Responses to “Susan Crawford should run the FCC!”

  1. Austin McHenry says:

    “She is a champion of net neutrality, open internet, and freedom of speech online. By Nominating her Chairwoman of the FCC, President Obama would accelerate the achievement of his stated goals for a 21st century US economy. It would also scare the shit out of the incumbent broadband providers.”

    Not much I can add to that besides “Yesss! Pleasepleaseplease!”

  2. ft says:

    Her appearance on the Diane Rehm show two weeks back is a must-listen.

  3. DataShade says:

    Nothing about public wireless spectrum? Crawford’s NYT piece is excellent, but it’s fighting the last war instead of the next.

  4. toobigtofail says:


  5. Gerald Mander says:

    Unless she’s a member of a major media organization (MPAA/RIAA) who contributed heavily to Obama’s campaign, she doesn’t have a prayer.

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