Urinal mint-scented soap

Other manly scents available from ManHands' Etsy store include leather, cash and bacon. [via Uncrate]


  1. Why would someone want their hands to smell like they’d been handling urinal pucks? Oh world, you vex me so.

  2. There are companies that make all kind of crazy scents. My wife is a local soapmaker and she did a special Democrat soap that sold at the local airport gift shops when the convention was in nearby Charlotte.
    Also, the crazier the name-the better the soap sells. We had a nag champa soap that did okay but it took off when we changed the name to “Dirty Hippie.”

  3. Could Urinal Mint candy be coming soon? A cologne? A sachet for your closet? This is idea time, folks. 

    1. There’s already potentially a urinal-puck smelling cologne. It’s called Lilac Vegetal, by Pinaud. Called “The Veg” by those hip to its charms, you either think it’s a keen green-lilac-floral smelling thing, or you think it smells like a bar toilet after a busy night. Hmmm – might be time to go splash some on.

  4. I don’t know about anyone else here, but the smell of urinal pucks always trigger migraines for me….

    Actually, my migraine triggers are almost all smells.  Grape (especially artificial, but not fresh real grapes.), rubber cement, formaldehyde, gasoline.  Not the fumes but just getting a whiff of the smells.  Any strong perfume or cologne is likely to set off a migraine as well (especially plugin air fresheners).

    This kind of product would be a nightmare for me if it were widespread.

  5. Joke:

    Two guys are pissing in the urinals when one gets a text message.  Fumbling for his phone, he drops a quarter into the urinal. Grumbling to himself, he zips up, takes $5 out of his wallet and flings the money into the urinal.

    His friend says “What did you do that for?”

    To which the man replies “Well I wasn’t going to reach in there for a quarter!”

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