Hi-Fi Honeydrops: Los Angeles hot club jazz

Since he was 14, I've posted my friend Greg Fleischut's music here from time to time. Greg is now 21 and it's been amazing and inspiring to watch him grow musically and across genres, from bluegrass and freak folk to indie rock and gypsy jazz. His new band Hi-Fi Honeydrops has been making quite a scene in the Los Angeles swing scene. You can catch them every Wednesday night at 1642 Beer and Wine near Echo Park. Along with Greg on guitar, the band consists of Keegan Anglim on guitar, Ellie Athyde on bass, Max Bryk on clarinet, and David Elsenbroich on guitar and vocals. (In the above video shot during a recent swing night at Joe's Great American Bar & Grill, Jake Reed is guest on the skins.)


  1. Another great gypsy jazz band in Los Angeles is The Icy Hot Club. Here is a video of them doing a cover of the cantina song from Star Wars: http://www.icyhotclub.com/video.html 

    (Disclosure: I am not in the Icy Hot Club but I am fan and friends with one of the performers)

  2. Saw them at 1642 and am now determined to go back and see them again! BTW when I saw them they also had a terrific female singer, reminded me a lot of NoCal’s fabulous Lavay Smith.

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