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6 Responses to “Hi-Fi Honeydrops: Los Angeles hot club jazz”

  1. noahd says:

    Very nice! Going to purchase their album right now. Oh…rats…

  2. dybno says:

    Another great gypsy jazz band in Los Angeles is The Icy Hot Club. Here is a video of them doing a cover of the cantina song from Star Wars: http://www.icyhotclub.com/video.html 

    (Disclosure: I am not in the Icy Hot Club but I am fan and friends with one of the performers)

  3. JhmL says:


  4. Hugo Plats says:

    when are they going to release an album?

  5. LulamaeBroadway says:

    Saw them at 1642 and am now determined to go back and see them again! BTW when I saw them they also had a terrific female singer, reminded me a lot of NoCal’s fabulous Lavay Smith.

  6. aleramo says:

    “Some of These Days” – one more clip of the Hi Fi Honeydrops performing at Joe’s in Burbank on that night:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsI7lA6QPKUFor updates about the Monday nights at Joe’s featuring many other great bands playing 1930-40s Jazz check outhttp://www.facebook.com/LABalboaNight