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6 Responses to “Lion vs. GoPro camera”

  1. Festus says:

    This is profoundly unethical. Local guides in Kenya’s national parks work really hard to avoid messing with wildlife. This guy really blew it. Lets not honor this kind of harm to wildlife, anymore than we should honor people who drive their boats up next to whales or shoot raptors.

    • Sirkowski says:

      Yeah, the lions seemed really scared… e_e

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        There’s this idea that you want to avoid human-lion interactions so that lions ignore humans (which they mostly do) when they’re driving.  If lions start perceiving humans as either a threat or dinner, that’s a problem.

  2. $28084830 says:

    Great job, Go-Pro marketing department. You just made some PR person’s day. 

  3. Lexicat says:

    Kenya believe it?!

  4. compfeznetau says:

    Was that it?